What is the Timpanogos Grotto?

he Timpanogos Grotto is a caving club. Specifically, we are a chapter of the National Speleological Society. We explore and study caves in the state of Utah.

Why should I join?

Members get access to our Utah caving digital library (the largest in the state). They're also added to our email list so they can keep up to date on grotto-sponsored caving trips and events. Grotto members have free access to cave survey gear, rope for cows' tails, hypothermia kits, first aid kits, and other caving equipment such as helmets and ropes. Grotto members can also be part of our private Facebook page and Discord server. We offer quarterly SRT (single rope technique) training to members since many of Utah's caves require vertical access.

Do members get a list of Utah cave locations?

Caves are fragile ecosystems. To protect them, we do not publish cave locations to the public. Think of the grotto as a place to meet Utah cavers and get involved. We're happy to take you to caves, but we don't share locations unless you are working on grotto projects or attending recreational cave trips. Cave and karst information can be made available to researchers and scientists.

How do I join?

Grotto membership is $25.00 per year. To join, please fill out the membership form and pay the due. Click here to join!

Where does the grotto meet?

The Timp Grotto meets monthly at the Draper City Public Library, although locations may vary on the time of the year.


Address: 1136 Pioneer Road, Draper, UT 84020

Time: 7:00 pm

The meeting is held in the big meeting room (immediate right after entering the library).


Upcoming meeting schedule:

May 2024 Grotto Meeting: May 22nd @ 7:00pm MST (Draper City Library)

June 2024 Grotto Meeting: June 26th @ 7:00pm MST (Draper City Library)

July 2024 Grotto Meeting: July 17th @ 7:00pm MST (Draper City Library)