Current Grotto Projects

House Range Project

The goal of this project is to explore and document the speleology of the House Range in Utah’s West Desert. We will do this through documenting known caves, discovering new ones, and identifying areas of speleological potential. As of September 2021 the Timp Grotto has documented 39 caves, 9 pits, and 41 shelters. Some caves were found by cavers of the past, and in some cases these caves have been relocated, photographed, and resurveyed. We look forward to exploring and documenting more caves in Utah’s House Range.

The entrance of Tooth Fairy Cave in Utah’s House Range – photo by: Adam Haydock

Little Brush Creek Cave Survey

The Timpanogos Grotto is continuing to survey and push Little Brush Creek Cave, Utah’s longest. Survey efforts in January of 2021 pushed Little Brush past its six mile mark! We look forward to continuing the survey of Little Brush Cave during the fall and winter of 2021/2022. Any cavers are welcome to attend.

Brandon Kowalis in Little Brush Creek Cave – photo by: Matt Paulson