2023 Grotto Officers

Chair: Matt Paulson

The grotto chair is in charge of planning and conducting meetings in addition to helping grotto leadership achieve their goals throughout the year.


Vice Chair: Ammon Liljenquist

The vice chair of the grotto assists in planning and conducting of meetings and various other duties.


Secretary: Cybele Blood

The grotto secretary helps keep meetings organized so tasks can be completed.


Treasurer & Historian: Richard Downey

The Treasurer & Historian manages grotto finances and oversees historical archives of the grotto.


Librarian: Eric Richards

The Grotto Librarian helps maintain the grotto’s physical and digital library.


Chair of Recreation Committee: Alex Chagovetz

The Chair of the Recreation Committee conducts recreational cave trips.


Chair of Planning & Events Committee: Kirsten Busse

The Chair of the Planning & Events Committee helps organize grotto events throughout the year.


Chair of SRT Training Committee: Eric Harrison

The Chair of the SRT Training Committee is dedicated to organizing rope trainings for grotto members.


Chair of the Science & Exploration Committee: Samuel Bona

The Chair of the Science & Exploration Committee oversees scientific research for grotto based projects.


Chair of Wardrobe Repair Committee: Bryce Ling

The chair of the Wardrobe Repair Committee assists grotto members with repair of cave gear.